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New Cover for Survial in the Southwest

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The Bushmans Guide to Tools and Gear was written by John Arizona Bushman Campbell. This book covers many different types of survival and outdoor gear ranging from knives, firearms, tarps, fire starters, and even a few tips and tricks.

Field Medicine Book Cover 1

The Bushman’s Guide To Field Medicine covers many aspect of wilderness medicine. This book covers many medicinal plants to deal with such issues as bleeding, infections, pain, plant soaps, and much more. There is a lot of information covering a variety of plants from the southwest region of the US.

The Complete Survival in the Southwest The Complete Survival in the Southwest is a compilation of all 6 of the Survival in the Southwest books written by John Arizona Bushman Campbell. This has been called the encyclopedia of desert survival. This book has taken 7 years to write and all demonstrations and photos were done by the author. Each subject will take you deeper into the world of knowledge and shows you just how to get out alive should a wilderness situation arise. This book focuses on the skill set of survival and offers real world experience from someone that has been there and lived it.


Book 1 Cover Book 2 Cover Book 3 Cover Book 4 cover Book 5 Cover

The Above books are the Survival in the Southwest book series. These are 1 – 5 and cover everything from the basics, improving tools in the field, and everything in between.

Book 1 Covers the basics and building a survival kit

Book 2 covers shelter and improvising and primitive skills

book 3 covers making fire

books 4 covers locating and disinfecting water as well as navigation and signalling

Book 5 covers trapping, hunting, and gathering


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